How can I create a collage using


To get started on creating a one-of-a-kind collage, we recommend going to From there, you’ll want to hover over the ‘Collage’ button toward the top and center of the page.


A bar will appear with options from which to select your photos (you can select multiple photos at a time from one location). We recommend uploading photo files straight from your computer for the highest quality print.


Once uploaded, the photos should appear in the toolbar on the left-hand side of the collage. You can always upload more photos by selecting the ‘Open Photos’ button.


To change the layout and number of photos you want your collage to include, select the ‘Layouts’ tab on the very left of the page. You’ll be given a list of layout styles to choose from.


Browse through the different layout styles and find the one you like best. From there, the number of images to appear in the collage can be adjusted. In this example, we want to have a Medium Square size Fracture printed. The ‘Square Deal’ layout format is perfect for this.


Once you’ve found the ideal layout for what you would like to create, head back to the ‘Images’ tab on the left hand side. Drag and drop your images right into any of the spots.


After placing your images exactly where you want them, some extra adjustments to the background borders can be made under the ‘Background’ tab on the left-hand side.


Once you have the final product of how you want the photo to print as a Fracture, be sure to save it onto your computer. Note: We recommend saving it as the ‘Sean’ quality option offered by PicMonkey. It will save your image in the highest quality.

Now, your stunning photo collage will be patiently awaiting it’s upload to be Fractured. What are you waiting for? For help on how to upload your photos, click here! Your Fracture awaits you!

To find out more about collage creating and other websites that offer this service, check out our blog post on  How To Make An Amazing Photo Collage In Less Than 20 Minutes.